The Most Wide-spread Fixations

Fixations appear and develop without the conscious control of the human being. Generally a fixation is a certain amount of stereotypes and prejudices combined with the wishes and ideas about the ideal state of this or that object or natural phenomenon.

    The complex of inferiority is one of the most wide-spread ones affecting the most part of the people all over the world. The ones who suffer from the inferiority complex subconsciously diminish their own natural self-esteem due to the dissatisfaction with their appearance. N interesting paradox is that the most part of the average people suffer from the inferiority complex while the people with some types of mental disorders even don’t know that such fixation exists.

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Most Ridiculous Awards

All of us have heard about Darwin Award which is given to people who performed the most ridiculous ways of losing their life or the ability to have children. However, this award is not the only one which can bring you fame.

For instance, there is Foot in Mouth Award which was established “Plain English Campaign” organizations and is aimed to fight illiteracy in English language. It is given to famous people whose speeches live the audience confused. Among the winners of this award is George Bush, junior, Richard Geer and Alicia Silverstone.

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The American Civil Liberties Union

The ACLU is one of the most famous and largest social organizations of the United States. It was established in 1920 and its aim is to protect civil liberties and rights of the citizens of the USA. The ACLU has managed to file lots of lawsuits to protect people who faced the violation of their rights and liberties. The ACLU has become known due to its lobbying actions as well. In fact the American Civil Liberties Union is one of the most influential in the country.

At the same time the actions taken by the ACLU are controversial sometimes. The participants of the organization accuse the federal government of breaking civil rights and liberties of Americans. Recently the ACLU has tried to stage an intervention and disclose the ways and techniques the federal government use to track cell phones. The federal government along with law enforcement agencies try to convince the participants and citizens of the country that these actions are needed to protect the country from terrorism. This practice became common especially after 9/11 when the safety of the nation was under the threat. Who is right and who is wrong in the situation?

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Organizing Freelance Emlployee’s Working Place

Employing freelance specialists can appear to be more profitable for your business if you consider the cost of organizing a proper working place for a full-time employer. There is a number of various reasons for the companies more and more offer their employers the flexible working hours and the opportunity to visit the office as regular as they need.

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The Lightest Computer

In my opinion, the ideal quality of ideal laptop is its lightness. If to speak of technical parameters most of them are similar for different laptops, as modern technology produces gadgets of high quality in general. It is great, if a laptop weighs not only two and a half kilos, but only one, and if it is slim as a smartphone, and if it has a function of immediate switch on when you open it, and if it has beautiful design. With the appearance of new ultrabooks these dreams have turned into reality as MacBook Air answers all these requirements.

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The Strangest State Borders

In any place where there are borders, there will always be the disadvantaged ones. The establishment of state borders is often a painful process as it involves wars, political machinations and intrigues. Thus, there is no wonder that the weirdest stories are connected with the issue of establishing the borders.

One of the strangest borders is set in the Belgium settlement Baarle-Hertog. This town is divided into 24 areas, and some of them belong to Belgium, while the others present a part of the Netherlands. This crazy tradition started in the Medieval Ages when the feudalists paid their debts with pieces of land instead of money. In result, the state border divides not only streets and blocks but some buildings of the town as well. As road regulations and tax rates differ in Belgium and the Netherlands, life in Baarle-Hertog reminds a constant adventure.

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The Bloody Rituals of Ancient Maya

The human offering sacrifices were typical of many ethnic groups. The ancient people believed that gods or any other higher powers consume the human souls like the human beings consume food. That's why our ancestors tried to offer a meal to their gods regularly. Only the most beautiful and noble people were chosen to be sacrificed as all the best should belong to gods. The person who was chosen to be sacrifices was usually proud of his or her way to end the life. The sacrifices were believed to meet gods after the ritual death.

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Who Are Freemasons

The Community of Freemasons has always be a very active organization during all the times. The real architects, stone cutters and and construction workers were the members of the Freemasons Lodge. They built cathedrals, churches and state buildings under the supervision of their masters. They called themselves free because they had the right to work wherever they wanted unlike the plain masons who were obliged to remain in the required place and fulfill their functions there. By the seventeenth century this law wasn't followed by the most of the professional builders but the hall of Freemasons had kept their name with pride. It allowed than to retain their special position in comparison with ll the other communities of workers.

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Spencer Tunick.

Spencer Tunick is an American photographer famous for his human installations. He has been taking pictures of those installations since the early 1990s. He started his career as a photographer at the very beginning of the 1990s. Tunick was interested pretty much in nude photography. For the first time he was paying much attention to single individuals. Later in 1994 he took a picture of a group of nude people. It was a starting point.

Nowadays Tunick arranges huge installations involving people of different races and nationalities, of different ages and classes. As the rule over 1500 people are participating in his installations. Sometimes he works in collaboration with different organizations including Greenpeace. Thus in 2007 Tunick created a sculpture involving over 600 people. His intention was to attract one's attention to the problems of global warming.

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Latinos getting higher education.

Nowadays for many Latinos it becomes pretty problematic and challenging to get higher education. In many cases it could be explained by low living standards of Latinos living in the United States. Many students hardly graduate from the high schools. Needless to say that they have no opportunity to enter colleges and universities. Many of them simply do not have role models they could follow. Quite often young Latino students drop out of schools. They are not motivated enough to move on. Obviously that these students in future could hardly get proper work positions. Sooner or later fewer people would be able to replace highly educated specialists in the country. And of course it has its negative effects. In fact it influences American economy directly. Moreover it concerns social issues as well. The gap between educated and non-educated Hispanics growing.

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